Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Posted on Huffington Post

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The recent news by the NY times, JAMA, and the US governments special task force questioning the benefits of mammography screening especially for the younger women cry out for a better solution such as SureTouch. Here my views and facts collected over the past decade picked up by the Huffington Post.


While Thanksgiving is a US holiday, I think everyone around the world should be thankful of SureTouch as we roll it out and prove what we know to be true.

We are on a mission to save lives.


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

SureTouch System on the "Doctors" TV Show

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Yesterday, the SureTouch system was highlighted on the "Doctors" TV show in the USA. The "Doctors" has been Emmy nominated and is one of the most highly watched daytime TV show in the USA. You can view the clip:


This is great exposure for our system and many thanks to Sung-Hee Son who was instrumental in getting us on this show.

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Thursday, July 9, 2009


Earlier this year, Medical Tactile was privileged to sign an agreement with Corinthian Medical Systems Limited of Accra, Ghana to be our exclusive SureTouch distributor in Ghana, Nigeria and Senegal. The Managing Director of Corinthian Medical Systems is Mr. Carl Wiafe a well respected and experienced business executive in Western Africa.

Mr. Wiafe’s sister is Dr. Mrs. Beatrice Wiafe Addai, the Chief Executive of the Peace and Love Hospital in Oduom, Ghana. She is also the Director of Breast Care International (BCI). BCI is a Non Governmental Organization dedicated to the establishment of breast cancer awareness centers throughout Ghana especially in rural areas. Dr. Waife Addai is a Specialist in Breast Pathology and leads a highly experienced and dedicated staff. More about her organization can be found at:


In April, Medical Tactile shipped the first SureTouch unit to Corinthian Medical Systems which was installed at the Peace and Love Hospital. Dr. Wiafe Addai and her staff are now using the SureTouch system as part of their breast cancer screening and detection efforts.

The arrival of the SureTouch device generated a great deal of interest in Ghana. Here is a link to an article about press conference that was held:


Ian Finlayson, our distributor from Australia, who was instrumental in arranging this distribution agreement traveled to Ghana to assist in training on the SureTouch system and represent Medical Tactile at the press conference. He provided some pictures from his visit.

Mr. Carl Wiafe speaking at the Press Conference in Kumasi, Ghana

Dr. Beatrice Wiafe Addai and Ian Finlayson demonstrating the SureTouch system

Dr. Wiafe Addai is well known internationally for her efforts and had the chance to visit with Medical Tactile in early June during a recent trip to Los Angeles. Here is a recent picture of her with Vice President Joe Biden:

Please join me in wishing great success to both Carl Wiafe and Beatrice Wiafe Addai towards their efforts for the SureTouch system and for promoting greater breast cancer awareness and early screening and detection in Western Africa.

I f you have any organizations or individuals seeking to place SureTouch systems in Western Africa please forward the information to Mr. Carl Wiafe. His contact information can be found here:


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Monday, July 6, 2009

Dr. Jae Son Interview

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Here is an interview that Dr.Jae Son, the Founder of Medical Tactile, recently did with Renee Blodgett, President of Blodgett Communications concerning his thoughts on SureTouch.

Thanks Jae for sharing this with us!


Tuesday, June 30, 2009

SureTouch in China

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I hope this posting finds everyone well. It has been a busy couple of months since my last post but I have several updates that will be coming out shortly.

First, I wanted to update everyone on the SureTouch activity in China.

During the week of June 21st, Dr. Jae Son and I were both in China. Jae was in China principally for meetings on other Pressure Profile business issues while I was meeting with prominent physicians interested in the SureTouch technology.

On June 25th we were both invited to attend and speak at a Physician Conference in Shanghai titled: "Treatment based on Early Detection" - International Conference on Breast Cancer New Diagnostic Technologies". This conference was organized by the Ministry of Health, the China Medical Doctor Association and the Women's Tumor Early Detection/Treatment Project. There were approximately 70 healthcare professionals in attendance. The presentations were focused on new breast cancer detection and improved treatment methods.

During the conference, information about the SureTouch system was prominently featured. Jae gave a one hour presentation concerning the background and science of the SureTouch sensor technology and it's various applications. Jae's presentation was followed by my presentation on the SureTouch clinical uses and clinical papers published as well as a comparison of SureTouch to other imaging modalities. Both presentations were well received. Afterward several follow up questions were asked by the audience leading to a further discussion on the SureTouch system and its use in China and elsewhere.

Here are some of the pictures from the conference:

Sino Tau, our exclusive distributor in China, continues to work diligently to implement and sell systems throughout several Chinese provinces. To date, Sino Tau has purchased 28 SureTouch systems and currently 15 SureTouch units are operational at clinical sites. I am pleased to announce that Sino Tau has just placed an order for 75 additional units which will be delivered over the next several months. This order will bring the total SureTouch systems in China to 103. The additional 75 units are to be sold and installed into leading clinical sites around the country.

My many thanks to Mr.Ge Bai, the Managing Director of Sino Tau for all his hard work to get SureTouch accepted in China.

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Monday, April 6, 2009


To all,

We have created new versions of the SureTouch Physician and Patients brochures. I want to give everyone a general overview of the changes and our new marketing emphasis:

  1. We are using a new tag line: "Enhanced Clinical Breast Exam" to emphasize our part in CBE and to better position the role of SureTouch in the minds of the physicians and patients.
  2. We are using the term: "Tactile Elasticity Imaging" to show that SureTouch is a method of elasticity imaging but different from ultrasound based methods. Tactile Elasticity is how we plan to refer to our technology in the future.
  3. We have a great new quote from Dr. Arnold Baskies. Many thanks to him for allowing us to use it.
  4. Rather that the phrase "because breast cancer doesn't discriminate" (unfortunately it does) in the Patient brochure, we are going to routinely use the phrase: "Detect Breast Cancer Early", which is the core message we want to convey to the patient and which is consistent with the mission statement of Medical Tactile.
  5. We have modified some of the graphics and changed the color and format for consistency so that the brochures look similar but are still clearly distinguishable.
  6. We have better laid out the text to make it easier to understand and to allow for easier translation into other languages such as Chinese and Hindi. Contact me if you need assistance translating the logo, or if you need the artwork for printing your own brochures.
  7. We have created a new web site called SureTouchExam.net. SureTouchExam.net currently points to the MTI home page but in the future, we may build a specific website for patient information.
  8. We have updated the statistics on breast cancer to 2008 numbers
  9. As you will notice, the brochures are now dated and numbered on the bottom of the back cover for easier collateral tracking. The literature code for the Physician's Brochure is 001 and the Patient's Brochure is 002. A new literature code will be used when the current brochures are updated or revised. For your own country, you can use the same literature code, update the month, and add what language it is in. That will make the separate country brochures easily identifiable if we post local pdf versions on our website. For ordering purposes, the English version has been shrink wrapped in sets of 25. I can also provide pdf files of the English version that are "print ready" for your use.

Similar updates are in process for the Medical Tactile website and will be occurring over the new few weeks.

For more information or to download these brochures, please visit the support page of the Medical Tactile website at:

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