Monday, December 8, 2008

SureTouch and Breast Implants

To all,

Many individuals have asked whether the SureTouch system can be used effectively in women with breast implants. Breast implants often present a challenge to other techniques like mammography in acquiring useful clinical images. The good news is that the Sure Touch system has been used effectively in this situation.

Breast implants are medical devices that are implanted either under breast tissue or under the chest muscle for breast augmentation or reconstruction. There are two major types: saline-filled and silicone gel-filled. Breast implants vary in profile, size, and shell surface.

Women with breast implant usually have little real breast tissue. Often times, the existing breast tissue is dense and fibroglandular in nature (see earlier posts). The breast tissue is pushed forward and up on top of the firm breast implant.

Care has to be taken and some modification to the SureTouch acquisition technique is necessary to get high quality images when breast implants are present. In the following video, Dr. Kaufman explains how to acquire and interpret a SureTouch examination on a patient with breast implants.



  1. I had my breast implants done in South America at the MakeOverTravel clinic, the results are perfect, it's safer and much cheaper if you compare with the US. The surgeons are excellents and very profesionals.

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  2. Breast implants is not that bad as the other thinks it is, it is just the other make it awful.

  3. Yes, it's so nice to touch skin with bags of silicone underneath.
    A friend & cosmetic surgeon told me of others who boasted at how quickly they could do a breast augmentation with the quickest coming in under 20 minutes.