Monday, January 12, 2009

The True Benefits of Mammography

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We are often asked about the benefits of SureTouch in comparison to mammography. To fully answer this question, we must first be able to discuss the true benefits of mammography. With all the information about mammography on the web, an answer to that question can seem a daunting challenge.

A good place to start is to review the major clinical trials in mammography that have been performed over the years assessing the various findings and their overall validity.

The National Breast Cancer Coalition Fund has an excellent article on the subject on their website. The article is somewhat lengthy and technical but it contains a good synopsis of the major mammography trials that are often cited .

I think the conclusions from this article can be summarized in a single sentence from the first paragraph:

"Ultimately, resources must be devoted to finding effective preventions and treatments for breast cancer and tools that detect breast cancer truly early."

I encourage everyone to review the article and I am happy to discuss your comments at any time.

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  1. Many women are concerned about the exposure to x-rays during mammography. However, the level of radiation used by modern mammography systems does not significantly increase the risk for breast cancer.


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