Tuesday, June 30, 2009

SureTouch in China

To all,

I hope this posting finds everyone well. It has been a busy couple of months since my last post but I have several updates that will be coming out shortly.

First, I wanted to update everyone on the SureTouch activity in China.

During the week of June 21st, Dr. Jae Son and I were both in China. Jae was in China principally for meetings on other Pressure Profile business issues while I was meeting with prominent physicians interested in the SureTouch technology.

On June 25th we were both invited to attend and speak at a Physician Conference in Shanghai titled: "Treatment based on Early Detection" - International Conference on Breast Cancer New Diagnostic Technologies". This conference was organized by the Ministry of Health, the China Medical Doctor Association and the Women's Tumor Early Detection/Treatment Project. There were approximately 70 healthcare professionals in attendance. The presentations were focused on new breast cancer detection and improved treatment methods.

During the conference, information about the SureTouch system was prominently featured. Jae gave a one hour presentation concerning the background and science of the SureTouch sensor technology and it's various applications. Jae's presentation was followed by my presentation on the SureTouch clinical uses and clinical papers published as well as a comparison of SureTouch to other imaging modalities. Both presentations were well received. Afterward several follow up questions were asked by the audience leading to a further discussion on the SureTouch system and its use in China and elsewhere.

Here are some of the pictures from the conference:

Sino Tau, our exclusive distributor in China, continues to work diligently to implement and sell systems throughout several Chinese provinces. To date, Sino Tau has purchased 28 SureTouch systems and currently 15 SureTouch units are operational at clinical sites. I am pleased to announce that Sino Tau has just placed an order for 75 additional units which will be delivered over the next several months. This order will bring the total SureTouch systems in China to 103. The additional 75 units are to be sold and installed into leading clinical sites around the country.

My many thanks to Mr.Ge Bai, the Managing Director of Sino Tau for all his hard work to get SureTouch accepted in China.

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  1. Hi Denis and Jae

    This is really great news - well done to all.

    The early successes for SureTouch will be in countries where no gold standard is yet identified. If mammography is established you will need to find a niche for SureTouch, which is more difficult and takes longer.

    Good luck in China.


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