Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Posted on Huffington Post

Hi Everyone,

The recent news by the NY times, JAMA, and the US governments special task force questioning the benefits of mammography screening especially for the younger women cry out for a better solution such as SureTouch. Here my views and facts collected over the past decade picked up by the Huffington Post.


While Thanksgiving is a US holiday, I think everyone around the world should be thankful of SureTouch as we roll it out and prove what we know to be true.

We are on a mission to save lives.



  1. I haven't heard it before. Glad to found this article. After reading it I came to the conclusion that SureTouch is an inexpensive, frequent and safe way for women to detect early signs of breast cancer, apparently more accurate in younger women.Thanks.
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  2. SureTouch has already saved hundreds of lives.

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